Zombies come in more iterations than we can keep up with.

You've got your Flatbush variety, you've got your George Romero derivations, and you've got your kid-friendly PG zombies found in Plants vs Zombies 2. It could be said that the video game industry is suffering from zombie overpopulation, and maybe it's time we move to the next all-consuming pop-culture obsession. We're just gratful that the whole sexy vampire thing didn't stick around.

Plants vs Zombies isn't going anywhere and for that we are grateful. When the sequel dropped we were introduced to an expanded roster of zombies for tactical insertion into gardens around the world. Cowboy zombies, Egyptian zombies, and the Wild West zombies are all coming for your brains, but how about adding these ten zombies as DLC? Just a thought.

Here are 10 Zombies We Want to See Added to Plants vs Zombies 2.

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