Original air date: May 7, 1998
Major offense: Burning the Puerto Rican flag
Status: Temporarily banned in syndication

Seinfeld was always a show that happily pushed the boundaries of what was allowed on network television, but towards the end of its run, the series incurred the wrath of an entire culture with the episode “The Puerto Rican Day.” The episode focuses on Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and George getting stuck in traffic during New York’s Puerto Rican Day Parade and, of course, the gang runs afoul of everyone at the event.

The episode wasn’t nearly as controversial as some of Seinfeld’s better episodes, like “The Contest,” but one scene in particular ignited an uproar, so to speak. At one point during the story, Kramer inadvertently lights the Puerto Rican flag on fire, which leads him to try and put it out by stomping on it in front of a crowd of festive parade-goers. This didn’t sit well with numerous Puerto Rican activists, and after the episode’s initial airing, it was pulled from the rotation until the ninth season came out on DVD in 2007.