Original air date: September 6, 1993
Major offense: Arson
Status: Heavily edited and ultimately removed from syndication

South Park and Family Guy stir up the most controversy in the land of primetime animation nowadays, but nothing can compare to the shit storm Beavis and Butthead created nearly every week in the ‘90s. During the series’ run, MTV was forced to make major edits or just outright ban numerous episodes of the show along the way. In fact, most of these episodes can still only be found on the DVDs.

The most infamous example of the show’s run-ins with MTV and the FCC comes from the episode “Comedians.” The plot here was about Beavis and Butthead attempting to make it as stand-up comedians, but, of course, Beavis winds up accidentally burning down the comedy club when he tries to juggle flaming newspapers. Doesn’t sound so bad, right? Well, a month after the original airdate, an Ohio boy allegedly tried to mimic the episode, which ultimately caused his family’s trailer to burn to the ground, killing his sister.

Whether he was actually inspired to play with fire due to the show was never proven, but MTV heavily edited the episode after, and later banned it from ever being repeated in syndication. Additionally, another victim of MTV’s overreaction was Beavis’ famous “Fire! Fire!” catchphrase being banned afterwards.

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