Earlier this week, a man walked into a Las Vegas jail and began striking corrections officers with an aluminum bat. According to authorities, 25-year-old Michael Marcel Law hit one officer in the neck, hand and head before pulling out a knife; it took several officers to take him to the ground and separate him from the weapons. 

Attempting to explain his actions, Law said that his attack was motivated by anger over how police handled a Sep. 7 complaint he made after being robbed. According to Law, police did nothing to assist him, so he decided to attack the first person in uniform that he saw. 

Despite being injured by Law, officer Darren McCray was still able to help wrestle him to the ground. He was later taken to the hospital for treatment and released. Law was also hospitalized before being released and detained. He was charged with burglary, battery with a weapon and attempted murder.

[via Washington Post]