It may not boast the ratings of Game of Thrones, the fan base of True Blood, the cinematic style of Boardwalk Empire, the hate-watching appeal of The Newsroom, or the nonstop media attention of Girls, but HBO’s Eastbound & Down has one thing going for it that those other shows don’t: fucking Kenny Powers.

Though the series only attracts about one-third of the audience of Game of Thrones—the cable channel’s most-watched show in the current lineup—Eastbound & Down has developed a dedicated base of viewers, who flock to the show in a cult-like fashion, just waiting to see what the fictional former big league pitcher at the center of the series (played to absolute asshole perfection by Danny McBride) will do or say next. And he’s never at a loss for words. No matter how insulting, degrading or downright ignorant they may be.

In anticipation of this Sunday’s fourth season premiere—which will also be its last—we’re collecting some of Kenny’s most riveting philosophical gems in order to better understand The World According to Kenny Powers.

For more of Kenny Powers, tune into the season four premiere of Eastbound & Down on HBO Sunday, September 29th, at 10 p.m.

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