Is Katee Sackhoff joining the Marvel Studios family? The actress, best known for playing the supremely badass fighter pilot Starbuck on SyFy's critically acclaimed Battlestar Galactica (and currently seen in Riddick), hinted that she's been in talks. Of her recent visit, she cryptically told the Schmoes Know podcast: "there's been some stuff going on" and "a lot of checking of availability for the first quarter of next year."

The studio has been vocal about their plans to put out a female-led superhero film, and Ms. Marvel would be a prime choice. Ms. Marvel is Carol Danvers, a major in the United States airforce who gains superhuman strength, speed and flight thanks to an energy explosion that causes her DNA to merge with Captain Marvel's. She's been affiliated with both The Avengers and the X-Men (Rogue notably permanently absorbed her powers and for a time, her memories), though thanks to studio fuckery she'd probably only face-off with the former, and S.H.I.E.L.D., on the big screen.

Hopefully the talks manifest into a real role for Sackhoff in the Marvel universe. If the studio does get a Ms. Marvel movie off the ground, that's just one more win to flaunt in front of DC and their perennial Wonder Woman struggle.

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[via DigitalSpy]