Mike Ehrmantraut had one of the most gut-wrenching deaths on Breaking Bad last year, but we knew he couldn't really be gone forever. And we were right, because here he is! Mike Ehrmantraut himself, hat and all, reading obscene fairy tales on Paul F. Tompkins' excellent web series Speakeasy, because of reasons. There really doesn't need to be any explanation for this video—just that Mike has been resurrected, just for one day, to bless our lives once more. And also to read us all Little Red Riding Hood.

But really—Jonathan Banks appeared on Tompkins' show, and proceeded to read a few fairy tales as Mike Ehrmantraut before his actual interview. It's almost too amazing to actually explain, so you should all probably just go watch it for yourselves right now.

You can check out the video above. Also, there's one more video below of Banks as himself, just for good measure:

[via Uproxx]