A new video has popped up that allegedly shows the new body of the upcoming iPad—if it's true, then Apple has trimmed out a lot of fat from the iPad fourth generation's body, but left the screen untouched. Fortunately.

Rumors have been circulating that the new iPad would be built with iPad Mini like technology, and it looks like Apple did put the style to use. This fifth generation body (if this is actually it), looks to be way narrower than the previous incarnation. The side bezels also look like they were inspired by the iPad Mini. What's probably the best part of the redesign is that the narrator of the video is able to hold the new iPad as if it were a smartphone. That's one of the main differences between buying an iPad Mini or a Retina: portablity. No one likes carrying a log around. 

It's widely accepted that the iPads won't be launched during the Sept. 10 event that Apple is throwing—that will be exclusively for iPhones, and the iPads more than likely will be coming in a separate event later this year.

[via The Verge]