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Who popularized the wave of movie actors flocking to television? Was it Glenn Close, who was lured to the tube for a one season stint on The Shield and ended up staying at FX to lead Damages? Kyra Sedgwick's star-making turn on TNT's The Closer? Or does it go back to Martin Sheen and The West Wing? One thing's for certain—these days, it's the thing to do.

Look no further than the current TV season, which boasts new shows with big names like James Caan (on Back in the Game), James Spader (on The Blacklist), and freaking Robin Williams (on The Crazy Ones)—and in the same year that two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey headlined a Netflix series. But for every star that gets gassed to come to TV, there are a handful that fail spectacularly. Former A- and B-listers trying to recapture relevance, or younger stars struggling to make their movie careers pop who look to TV in search of a win, only to lose, very badly. We're talking shows that are lucky to make it to mid-season, much less get renewed for a second. Read on for 10 Hollywood Actors Who Have Bricked on TV.

Written by Frazier Tharpe (@The_SummerMan

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