The Simpsons is going in a bit of a different direction for their next Treehouse of Horrors opening credits—that is, to say, it may actually be considered 'horror,' for once. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the long-running Fox animated series tapped Pacific Rim director Guillermo del Toro to create the opening credits for the next Treehouse of Horror episode, XXIV, to use in place of the regular opening they generally use. From THR:

Instead of the usual opening, del Toro — a former special effects makeup artist in Mexico — created a sequence featuring monsters and classic characters from horror films of the past several decades.

Well, that has the potential to be awesome.

The episode will be split into three stories, like usual: The first will involve Homer traveling around Springfield wreaking havoc, the second will involve Bart being beheaded, then his head being attached to Lisa's body so the two are forced to live as one, and the third will involve a circus run by Mr. Burns in the '30s.

Treehouse of Horror XXIV is set to air on Fox on October 6, at 8 PM.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]