UPDATE: Rockstar Games has sent out copywrite complaints after the map above was published on Coin Pixels, the source of this article. But GTA is sharing more details after many gamers complained about the perceived size of the gameworld. Here's a breakdown released by Rockstar on Complex yesterday. Rockstar also expanded the map with more information to give players a better view at just how detailed the world is.

  • GTA III = 3 sq. mi.
  • GTA: Vice City = 3.5 sq. mi.
  • GTA: San Andreas = 13.6 sq. mi.
  • GTA IV = 6.8 sq. mi.
  • Red Dead Redemption = 12 sq. mi.
  • GTA V = 49 sq. mi.

Grand Theft Auto V's game map has leaked! Check out your future empire below originally posted by Coinpixels. With plenty of room for vehicular, naval and aircraft manslaughter outside of Los Santos there will lots of opportunities to get out in the country.

The first image also shows many properties for sale; purple badges denote available purchases. Also shown are cinemas, which we all know are just great places for drive-by-shootings.

Grand Theft Auto V comes out on the 17, just a week away. Begin your training regime by memorizing this map.

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[Via Coinpixels]