Okay, let's play a game: What's the animal featured in the Firefox logo? You know, this one:

Here are your choices:

  • A. Fox
  • B. Wolf
  • C. Red Panda
  • D. Dragon

Now, consider these, (or whatever guess of your own you think is better), and think it over. If you're up on your animal knowledge, it might be an easy decision for you. Either way, here's the answer—in Jeopardy! form—to which all three contestants on last night's show got wrong:

It's a freakin' red panda. Turns out, red pandas are actually nicknamed a "firefox." The contestant in the photo above, Heidi, couldn't even finish her answer, and all she managed to write was "su." It cost her $8,000. Fran, another contestant, lost $8,200 and said he thought it was a raccoon. He was only left with $600. But Neal, the third contestant, guessed "Excel," and won last night's episode with $14,799, bringing his three day total to $60,798. 

Those damn red pandas and their nicknames. If you ever catch yourself on Jeopardy!, brush up on your old obsolete browser knowledge. 

Photo above courtesy of Complex's Foster Kamer (@weareyourfek)