While there’s little denying that Crytek’s next-gen visual chops are nothing to sneeze at, the jury is largely still out on whether or not Ryse’s 300-lite-esque gameplay will hold water. If this video is any indication, the game is perhaps less Quick Time heavy than was previously believed – or maybe it’s just edited together well.

Furthermore, despite the overabundance of what I can only assume is a pretty standard throat-stabbing execution move (not to mention an oddly rigid and not overly-graphic limb detachment system that looks more cartoon than violent period drama) there may be some interesting decisions going on behind the hood.

Interestingly, Crytek devs mention that what moves and animations are available change depending on the type of AI you’re facing. The game supposedly reacts dynamically to the environment, although this could just switching out “medium stab A” to “light stab A” if you’re, say, pinned up against a rock (or maybe not. The video isn’t totally clear).

What’s your position on Ryse? Worthwhile, worthwhile (for a launch title) or a pass? Sound off in the comments.

Via Youtube