It's been a while since Bryan Cranston was on How I Met Your Mother—so long, now, that it's hard to even remember the two episodes he guest-starred in early on in the show's run. A lot has happened since season two of that show! How I Met Your Mother aired like a million episodes afterwards without once introducing us to the actual mother, and Cranston went on to star in a little show called Breaking Bad that you may have heard of. Now that Breaking Bad has come to an end, though, Cranston is free to pursue other projects: Like, for instance: Returning to How I Met Your Mother for the final season, which according to The Wrap, is exactly what he's going to do. 

Cranston guest-starred in two episodes back season two—one in 2006, and one in 2007. He portrayed Hammond Druthers, Ted's boss who no one liked. How unlikeable was the guy? At one point, Lily stole his prized baseball which had been signed three times by Pete Rose, and Hammond threatened to fire three people every single hour until he had the ball back. THAT unlikeable. Eventually, Ted became his boss when Hammond designed a new building that looked like a penis, and Ted's design was chosen instead. 

It's not clear when exactly Cranston's episode will air, but it'll reportedly be later this fall. In addition to this guest spot, Cranston has recently signed on to portray blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo in a new biopic, Trumbo

The final episode of Breaking Bad airs this coming Sunday. 

[via The Wrap]