With all the Monday morning quarterbacking after the announcement of the Emmy nominations these days, it is almost as great an honor to be considered the biggest snub as it is to take home a statue. Though our obsession with overlooked performances has blossomed thanks to the Internet, Emmy snubs are nothing new. Don't get too heartbroken for Tatiana Maslany and Nick Offerman—some of the greatest television performances of all time never earned Emmy gold. Some of television's legendary leads never got to walk up to the podium (though, in some cases, their shows ran for over a decade). Several of your favorite television spouses were forced to watch their onscreen significant other win several awards as they watched from the seats.

Since the first Emmy statues were given out in 1949, overlooking genius has been a grand tradition of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and these are the most egregious errors in their storied history of snubbery. Here are 25 TV Characters Who Never Won An Emmy But Should Have.

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