Whether you like the golden age label or not, it’s undeniable that TV is flourishing right now. But for every hit series that your timeline stays spoiling for you on Twitter, there are several others that fly under the radar. By the same token, there are a ton of great actors whose performances deserve to be mentioned during the live documentation of this era, but who aren’t getting their due.

Underrated has multiple meanings. Some of the actors on this list are on shows that just concluded their debut seasons, and are thus just warming up. Others are doing fantastic things on series that Emmy boards, and maybe even critics, will never recognize or give props to. Still others have both notoriety and acclaim...with nary a statue or nomination even, to show for it. Of course, hundreds of great actors go unnoticed by the voting board, but the sting is worse when there’s a bevy of fans and critics alike all clamoring for it.

Those main three categories comprise the bulk of this selection, which is focused on actors who are currently on a series. To clarify—dramas that are on now, recently concluded this year, or are on hiatus, set to return soon. A collection of men and women who are next to blow, have been criminally overlooked, and/or grossly snubbed in the past. It’s time to take notice. Read on for the 25 Most Underrated TV Drama Actors Right Now.

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