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Check out this first look at Deathstroke in action from the upcoming prequel Batman: Arkham Origins. We've known that Deathsroke would be a playable character for some time but this is the first time we've seen Slade Wilson in action.

DC Comics' top super-killer has been featured in many trailers for the new Batman but in this Challenge Pack trailer we get to see a few of his tools in action. The Deathstroke Challenge pack will include unique maps and multiple looks for the character as well as various play modes including the 100-vs-1 smack down. If you want to get your hands on these extra packs you're going to need to pre-order Batman: Arkham Origins as they are currently exclusives.

We're a little disappointed not to see some swords or sniper rifles in the fray but hopefully those will get pulled out later. Batman: Arkham Origins drops on October 25.

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[Via Kotaku]