Typically, people visit Costco to purchases necessities in bulk for the low. A $17,000 bottle of scotch is hardly a necessity. One location in Scottsdale, Ariz. is selling an extremely rare bottle of Macallan 60 Years Old Single Malt and for that price tag, you could buy a car. 

Apparently, the scarcity of the scotch justifies the price. There were only 400 bottles made, and just 72 were sold in the U.S. Macallan has been making scotch since 1824, and in 2011, they released the 60 Years Old Single Malt, which is a part of the Lalique Six Pillars Collection. 

What's truly insane is that the $17,000 is apparently a deal. Fox News reports that the bottle usually sells for $20,000.

[via Fox News]