There was a time when Harry Knowles, the controversial nerd-king behind Ain't It Cool News was the Perez Hilton of the Comicon set. These days Knowles is struggling just to keep AICN online. Hal Esyn and Boris Kit hit the heart of AICN's struggles in their Hollywood Reporter profile of Knowles earlier this year. They asked, " Is the pioneer of online nerddom still relevant in an age where there are a hundred different sites covering geek entertainment, where sneak peeks now are doled out by studio marketing divisions, where filmmakers have figured out how to work the web to their advantage rather than hide from it, where directors like J.J. Abrams wield secrecy like Tolkien's Ring of Power?" The answer seems to be "no." Back in the 90s Knowles was notorious for being able to infiltrate the biggest blockbusters and cut through studio red tape to get the dirt on anticipated films. As the Internet has progressed, studios are becoming far more web savvy, and what was once a scoop is now leaked immediately from a hungry insider or even released willingly by a studio's PR department. This has left the well-connected Knowles struggling to stay afloat. Though the page sill commandes a quarter million unique visitors a month, Hollywood Reporter estimates that audiences were once "an order of magnitude larger." While some of you may still stop by AICN, the majority of the audience has left Knowles behind for good.