Our childhoods all already took a beating when we saw how much Yeah Yeah from The Sandlot has changed (hint: he looks he belongs on Jersey Shore now, so A LOT), but this is just too much. According to TMZ, Tom Guiry—better known to anyone who grew up in the early '90s as Smalls—was arrested this past weekend in Houston after he decided to headbutt a cop. No, Smalls, no!

Apparently, Guiry was drunkity-drunk drunk at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, to the point where a United employee decided that he was definitely too intoxicated to board his flight. She handed him over to an airport cop, who gave Guiry a choice: Be arrested for public intoxication, or go hang out in the drunk tank for a while.

Guiry didn't like this, and proceeded to become "belligerent and verbally abusive," even threatening the officer. Then, law enforcement sources told TMZ, Guiry tried to kick the cop in the face, and eventually headbutted him. He was promptly arrested for felony assault on a police officer.

Here's the mugshot, to hammer that final nail into the coffin of all our youth.

Our childhood is broken and our dreams are shattered. 

[via TMZ]