In honor of the upcoming 20th anniversary of The Sandlot, Barstool Sports has uncovered this little gem from the abyss we call the Internet: Marty York, who will forever be remembered by every '90s kid as Yeah Yeah from The Sandlot, is all grown up now, and he looks, well...a lot different.

In the above clip, York and a lady friend were approached by Kong, the host of the YouTube series Drunk Times With Hot Girls, back in May of last year. It doesn't take long for York to start touting his claim to fame - "I'm Yeah Yeah, I'm a motherfucking goddamn movie star," and "I've been on TMZ ten times," specifically - and even less time before he threatens to "fuck up" anyone who asks to "motorboat my chick...unless you know motherfucking Bruce Lee Kung-fu. I'm from fucking Brooklyn, dude, I'll fucking murder you right now." Well, that escalated quickly. Considering he was arrested in 2009 for punching a girlfriend in the face, he should tone down the threats. 

You can check out the video above, starting at the 3:33 mark. Never forget:

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[via Barstool Sports]