Eidos Montreal's reboot to the darkly revolutionary Thief will finally see the light of day on February 25, 2014 announced publisher Square Enix today. Thief will be released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and their next-gen counterparts as well as Windows PC.

In Thief players will control master thief Garrett who is caught in than increasingly dangerous conflict between a ruling baron and his abused people. Battling various factions and religious orders Garret must sneak past his enemies using his cunning, water arrows, and blackjack to reap the rewards.

Although many have referred to Dishonored as the spiritual successor to the Thief series we found enough serious differences between to the two series to get us excited for this reboot. Most of all the incredibly dark and brutal universe that Thief takes place in and the ultimate importance of being stealthy; in Thief, if you were discovered you were as good as dead.

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