Naughty Dog has given the details about upcoming downloadable content for The Last of Us, its gritty hit on PlayStation 3.

In a Reddit Ask Me Anything, game director Bruce Straley and creative director Neil Druckmann said that while they were unable to give specific details, that The Last of Us is slated to have two multiplayer and one single player expansions via downloadable content. "News is on the way about the first DLC drop. Should hear about it this month," presumably at PAX in August.

The multiplayer expansions are likely to be straight forward, with new maps and locations but as for the single player mode it's anyone's guess. When asked if there will be any additional story content centered around the game's two protagonists, Druckman said, "It's possible, We're playing with some ideas, but no direction has been set et for the next game."

The game's controversial ending was also a popular subject, Druckmann detailed that there was some divide at the developer and a push to have a happier ending, but that it wouldn't have fit with the game.

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[Via Reddit]