We never thought we'd see the day where Sylvester Stallone gracing our television screens was a possibility, but, then again, we also never thought we'd see the day that people would sift through garbage for a cronut, so, y'know, anything's possible. According to Deadline, a TV series adaptation of Rambo is in the works.

This is crazy enough news on its own, really, because the Rambo franchise wrapped up with the fourth movie 2008, and that itself took twenty years to be released, but there's more: Apparently, Sly himself could be reprising his role as John Rambo in the series.

Sly, one of the biggest action film stars of yesteryear, doing television. There's no word on how much Stallone would be involved in the series (just a cameo, or a starring role?) but still—it would be huge. Could this be just another testament to the sharp uptick in the quality of television versus film?

As it's still early in development, no details have been finalized, but the bottom line is that this project is happening. We'll, of course, have the details as they become available in the coming months. 

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