This just might interest you, New York. The creature you see above washed up from the East River, right near the Brooklyn Bridge, and the bastard is huge. Greg Boyd sent the image to Gothamist this morning, explaining his encounter with the sea monster yesterday evening:

I was walking with my friend Catherine after dinner by the East River. There is a small sandy part of the river beach right under the Brooklyn Bridge" on the Manhattan side... "We saw about 30 or 40 people standing by the railing, and 2 people had jumped over the railing. We walked up and saw this very large fish. It must be 5 feet long and has some very strange markings. I would really appreciate it if your readers can help identify this.

Boyd also said that hundreds of people probably saw the massive fish last night. Let them all tell the tale of its legend. Here's the thing: It's probably not a sea monster. Gothamist reached out to AMNH's Ichthyology Department to figure out exactly what it is, and popular belief is that it's a sturgeon.

That's a relief. At least New York doesn't have to worry about one of these—for now.

[via Gothamist]