Joel Woloshuk knew things were all bad when the parmesan on his focaccia sandwich began moving. Woloshuk, who purchased the sandwich from Cafe Intermezzo at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, soon learned what the moving mass on his sandwich was: Maggots. He held onto the sandwich during his trip to Miami, later showing it to Atlanta's WSB-TV for proof.

Cafe Intermezzo made things worse by telling Woloshuk that there was no manager on hand to handle the situation. After WSB reached out to them, the restaurant's president released a statement saying that  maggots “could not have been generated on our premises," claiming that they came from the restaurant's bread supplier—a vendor.

According to the statement, all of the vendor's products were removed. As for Woloshuk, well, he's understandably repulsed. So repulsed, in fact, that he turned down the restaurant's refund offer.

[via Gawker]