Rockstar Games has opened more sections of its Grand Theft Auto V Travelogue on the official GTAV site. Three more sections reveal Blaine County and Los Santos attractions like: Exclusive Country Clubs, Serenity & Wellness and Local Artisans.

The golf club seems to be of the racist sexist variety, (who knew?) and seems ripe for the criminal picking. Local artisans are limited to artist of the tattoo variety but we imagine with the amount of body modification you'll be doing in GTAV's multiplayer you'll probably be visiting them often. Finally we get the creeper of the bunch, serenity and wellness focuses on Master Private Yoga Instructor Fabien LaRouche, who really wants to put some knowledge inside you. All of these seem ripe with the possibly of social justice.

Check out the full Grand Theft Auto V Travelogue here and get informed for the September 17 release.

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[Via Rockstar Games]