Director: Edgar Wright
Stars: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Jim Broadbent

Three years after Shaun of the Dead made Americans take notice of the British comedy in the 2000s, director Edgar Wright gave the world his follow-up, Hot Fuzz, proving that Wright’s off-kilter brand of deadpan humor doesn’t have an expiration date. Hot Fuzz focuses on a law enforcement duo—played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost—who have to solve a strange series of deaths in a small English town.

Whereas Shaun put the zombie genre in its crosshairs, Hot Fuzz is a send-up of police/action dramas, like Lethal Weapon and Dirty Harry—with a dash of British horror, a la The Wicker Man, thrown in for good measure. The brilliance of the movie is that Wright and crew play the whole thing with a straight face. Wright shoots the film like a serious action movie, but what you're actually experiencing is an outlandish farce, as seen during an epic two-second-long police chase that is shot with the flair of a Michael Bay movie.

Other highlights include an epic showdown between Pegg and Timothy Dalton inside a model village and a battle with the scariest swan you’ve ever seen. Many of the movie’s scenes are too bizarre to explain in words, but it works so brilliantly because everyone involved, from the cast to the composer, bought into what Wright's vision.