No one really seems to know, or care, what Labor Day is actually about (although, we're roughly ninety percent sure it has nothing to do with pregnant women). What actually matters is the extra day you get off work to tackle people during clothing sales and/or stuff your faces with pork, chicken, and whatever else your friends are cooking up on the grill. Or, if you're a total derp (like us) and you've made no plans at all, you're sitting around in your pajamas wondering what to do with yourself.

Enter: Luxury Retreats, a website that features amazing vacation properties, including these ultra-luxe beachfront bungalows you wish you were spending your Labor Day in. These immaculate properties in the Caribbean, Central and South America, Hawaii, and every other warm place you don't live can't compare to the all-white parties you were planning on attending—they completely overshadow them. Maybe next year, instead of hoping for that invite to your friend's ex's old boss' Hampton house, you'll plan ahead and end up in one of these fine dwellings. 

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