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Warner Bros. announced today the details of the Collectors' Edition of Batman: Arkham Origins available in North America, New Zealand and some place called Australia.

Look at all this glorious stuff! Gamers get an 80-page art book, two pieces of evidence, a Batman Wanted Poster, Prototype Schematics for the Batwing, a couple of logo stencils, a glow-in-the-dark map of Gotham, a Wayne family photo - to replace your old family - an intel Dossier on eight assassins along with the Black Mask's contract and best of all a LED light up Joker statue.

Warner Bros. knows how to treat fans right, this is the best Collectors' Edition we can remember - short of that UK only severed torso for Dead Island. If all that wasn't enough the First Appearance Batman Skin will be included, allowing players to appear as Batman did on his debut in Detective comics #27 in 1939. Also included is the Deathstrock Challenge Pack which unlocks two extra Deathstroke skins and bonus maps.

Still not convinced? Warner Bros. seals the deal with a feature-length documentary showcasing DC's Supervillains and PlayStation 3 users will receive an additional Knightfall pack of exclusive content.

Batman: Arkham Origins drops on October 25, Pre-order now for $119.99 to get all these goodies.

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