Game consoles have always been expensive.

As the next-gen consoles start battling it out for your bucks this Christmas, Sony dealt a major blow in undercutting Microsoft's Xbox One by $100. Taking lessons from the release of the PlayStation 3 which launched at $599 and gave Microsoft the price edge, roundly making Sony the perceived price gouger of the group and the Xbox 360 sold in huge numbers.

While the pricing of the Xbox One and PlayStation 3 seem equal, you have to take into account the motion sensors. Microsoft ships with its Kinect 2 while Sony's motion camera will cost another $100 bucks.

So while these two new consoles will cost $400 or $500 bucks depending on consumers controller choices, consumers will also be putting up $60 per game. This can seem like it's getting a little out of control. To put this in perspective Ars Technica put together an inflation-adjusted chart to show how much those consoles of yore would cost today.

Then go call your parents and thank them for buying that NeoGeo, because they could have flown to Paris on that. Which consoles did you have as a kid and how many next-gen consoles could you buy with that?

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[Via Ars Technica]