While Android needed 18 months to hit its first 100,000 apps, Microsoft's Windows Store only needed eight.

"Over 100,000 apps now in the Store!" Microsoft tweeted earlier today from its Windows account. The feat is a little impressive: to draw other comparisons, the Windows Phone Store needed 18 months to pass the 100,000 mark, and Apple's App Store needed 14 months to reach 100,000 iPad specific apps

Microsoft is working hard to get the companies people want: with recently announced official Flipboard and Facebook apps for Windows 8.1, the Windows Store is becoming a powerful hub for app developers to get their work showcased. Things aren't perfect at the Store just yet, though, as many of the apps appear to be spam versions of its Android and iOS counterparts; but for a store still in its infancy (it was only in October that it opened), Microsoft is working out the kinks fast enough so it doesn't fall behind. Hey, the App Store and Google Play are all filled with spammy apps, as well. With a new look Windows Store coming with Windows 8.1, things can only get better.

[via The Verge]