Look up in the sky, D.C. residents. Your nights will be brightened by the magnificent glow of the Washington Monument for the next year or so. Last night, the 555-foot tall structure was illuminated by 488 lamps attached to a scaffolding that's in place while repairs are completed. A 5.8-magnitude earthquake left the monument with several cracks in August 2011.

National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis explained that lights were fixed to the scaffolding because officials don't want it to be an eyesore for the next year. “We want it to look attractive because it’s going to look like this for the next 12 months,” Jarvis said. 

Through the glowing monument, D.C. has been given another public art display, and this light structure is already more aesthetically pleasing the monument's usual glowing red eyes. This also means Instagram will flooded with flooded with pictures of the monument for the next week.

[via Washington Post]

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