Yesterday, Trayvon Martin's father testified that he never said his son's voice was not heard screaming for assistance on the 911 call that captured the fatal confrontation between he and George Zimmerman.  "I never said that wasn't my son's voice," Tracy Martin told the court.

Before Tracy Martin took the stand, Officer Chris Serino, the lead investigator in Martin's death, testified that Martin "looked away and under his breath" and said '"no'" when asked if the screams heard on the call were his son's. Serino played the call for Martin in February 2012 in the day's following his son's death. Martin said that he decided it was his son's voice after listening to the recording up to 20 times. 

Judge Debra Nelson later ruled that jurors will be exposed to a toxicology report that shows Trayvon Martin had a small amount of marijuana in his system the night he was fatally shot by Zimmerman. Prosecutors reasoned that the information is prejudiced; the defense argued that it was relevant because Zimmerman was under the impression that Martin was under the influence of something the night he saw him at the Retreat at Twin Lakes community.

Nelson, who ruled that any mention of Martin's marijuana use would not be allowed in opening statements, blocked the prosecution's attempt to have that information totally suppressed.

[via Associated Press]

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