Fans of both Radiohead and Chipotle will have to accept the fact that the band's music will never emanate from the restaurant's speakers. That's because the voice of frontman Thom Yorke sounds horrible due to the burrito-slinger's interior design. Former DJ Christopher Golub's company Studio Orca creates 500-song playlists monthly for Chipotle's 1,400 worldwide locations, and he says selecting music for Chipiotle is more about what sounds good at each restaurant as opposed to choosing legendary tunes.

"It also has to have what I call 'texture of sound,'" Golub told Westword. "You know that if you go into a store, you've got the small, hard surfaces. You've got concrete floors, a lot of windows, hard walls and a lot of cooking gear and tile. So that doesn't work with certain songs." Radiohead songs happen to fall into that category.

So will the fact that you'll never hear anything from OK Computer in a Chipotle stop you from enjoying their cuisine? Probably not. If you're a hardcore Radiohead fan (and a hardcore asshole), you can always sing "Creep" at the top of your lungs while waiting in line. We'd love to know how that turns out.

[via Westword]