As the Supreme Court, George Zimmerman, and several Repubulicans in governemnt remind us, we're currently living in the joyous climate that is post-racial America. Unfortunately, there are numerous Twitter users who don't take the leads of the aforementioned--expressing blatantly racist views for all the world to see, one tweet at a time. Can you imagine? The prejudice levels vary with some standing beside the lower end of the bigot totem pole, while others are rushing to become the Grand Wizard of the KKK's Social Media wing. In this list, we break down the fluidity of prejudice on social media platforms and all the simpletons who perpetuate it. I'd tell you not to share their hatred of other people, but I'd be lying if I didn't wish nothing but sunburn and hell for every person listed. Forgive me, Dr. King, I'm still a work in progress.