Continuing the ramp-up to the release of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified on August 20, 2K Games drops the third installment in the Burn Room series. This one staring everyone’s favorite hobbit, actor Dominic Monaghan, playing agent Ennis Cole.

The Burn Room was originally released as a trailer to upcoming game much in the same way that the Forward Unto Dawn series built up to the release of Halo 4. In the last episode, we see little Kevin about to go out and play and the Outsider's true feelings about clowns. This time we catch up with little Kevin’s dad, agent Ennis Cole as he writes up the report of his family’s demise.

2K let's you choose the ending via Twitter, does Cole pick up the gun, or the bottle of Wild Turkey. It was 1962 so we hope he'll just grab both and go buck wild. A man with perfect hair and a bottle of whiskey should not be limited to one gun alone!

Take a break from the bottle to read our hands on preview of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified and watch the trailer to make your choice.

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