Ah, malls: not just the place you went as a teenager to pretend you didn't have parents. While the mall in your hometown may have been the typical, two-story atrium where moderately priced clothing and endless food court samples were yours for the pillaging, the malls on this list are of another species entirely. These malls are on major capitalist steroids, with hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars being funneled into indoor roller coasters, on-site ski slopes, IMAX theaters, go-kart tracks, and shark aquariums.

And what about the stores? See, that's the thing—at these malls, the shops are secondary. Sure, pop tags if you want, but then you'll be missing out on happy hour bingo under a skylight roof, hitting the slopes in your new Hérmes scarf, or petting sea lions on your way out. Decisions, decisions.

Here are the 50 coolest malls in the world.

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