As reported yesterday, Spike Lee is hopping on the Kickstarter bandwagon, looking to raise at least $1.25 million for his next film, which is about people addicted to blood (but it's not Blacula, which is too bad). Those who pledge $10,000 will be rewarded with a night of dinner and the New York Knicks with Spike himself, and annointed as a "playa-playa" in his eyes.

In addition to two others who made the top pledge, fellow auteur Steven Soderbergh can now consider himself such, as well as look forward to a bromantic, courtside night out. Spike says: "...I'm giving a huge shout-out to my man Steven Soderbergh for the support and I'm really humbled with Steven coming on board and doing that. Thank you, Steven." Soderbergh may be on a self-proclaimed "sabbatical," but apparently he's still dedicated to fostering good filmmaking during his time off. Or he was just dying to become a validated playa-playa.

Next up from Spike before Not Blacula is his remake of Oldboy, due this October.

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[via NextMovie]

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