Celebrities aren't known for their long, stable relationships. In the days of 72-day marriages (hey, Kim Kardashian still outlasted Britney Spears—55 hours! Never forget.) we’re surprised when stars stay together for any substantial length of time. Some of these relationships are little more than a blip on TMZ’s radar. Blink and you may miss them. Others are so private that we don’t even know they’re involved until the breakup.

Surprising hookups aren’t anything new; the goofy guy has been getting the pretty girl for years. Mickey Rooney scored Ava Gardner back in 1942. Remember when Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley were married for less than four months? Neither do we. Celebs aren’t any less fickle today, and Hollywood is really an incestuous pool of hookups. Basically, it’s high school with way more money.

Here are the weirdest, most surprising recent celebrity hookups. We're just as flabbergasted as you are.

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Written by Nancy Stiles (@nancerdancer)