Janice Dickinson was the original bitch on America’s Next Top Model back when Tyra Banks was still doing her den mother act. The “self-proclaimed” world’s first supermodel gave the girls some serious real talk. Dickinson’s aversion to plus-sized models got her fired after four seasons, when she was (ironically) replaced by Twiggy.

"I was just telling the truth and I was saving these girls from going out there and being told that they're too short, too fat, their skin's not good enough," she said. "I was to America's Next Top Model what Simon Cowell is to American Idol." Actually, she has a point.

Dickinson briefly had her own reality show on Oxygen and was on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. Perhaps Tyra should suck it up and invite her back to ANTM—even Nigel Barker is gone. Plus, Janice and Kelly Cutrone would be unstoppable!