In the year 2154, there's only one place you want to live: Elysium. Earth is so 21st century; at this point, it's basically a big old dump. Trust us, the luxurious, man-made space station where there is no poverty, no war, and no sickness is where you want your zip code to be (not that it matters, since nothing ever gets lost in the mail). Still not convinced? Well, here's a few more reasons why Elysium is the place to be in the 22nd century:

No Traffic - Angelenos, this one is for you. Not only is there no traffic on Elysium, but you never catch any red lights. That's right: every traffic light you come to is green. How do they do it? Don't worry about it. Like we said, it's just better up there.

Free Lunch at Work - We're not talking some day old deli platter full of sketchy cold cuts. We're talking hot lunch, fools! Every damn day!

Every Hour is Happy Hour - But if that's true, when are the drinks cheap? That's just itthey're always cheap.

No Commercials - Wave goodbye to fast forwarding through your DVR. Lame! There is no need for such foolish things on Elysium.

No Line at the DMV - Do we really need to say more?

However, there is one element of Elysium you never want to see: Kruger. As played by gifted actor Sharlto Copley (District 9), Kruger is the most ruthless, terrifying agent on all of Elysium. If he's been activated to come after you, then we don't know what you did, but it is definitely not good-and, odds are, it's not going to end well. So be sure to stay in the good graces of Secretary Delacourt (played by Jodie Foster), so she doesn't activate her boy Kruger, and you can keep enjoying all that Elysium has to offer.

For more on Elysium, you can check out the film when it hits theaters August 9, and also hit up the official site here. And don't forget to #ActivateKruger if you've been done wrong!