We're not sure exactly what is going on in this poster for Spike Lee's upcoming film Oldboy, but apparently that's the point: According to Indiewire, it's a shot from the film that's a nod to the trailer, which is yet to be released, and "you’ll understand more once you see it." That may be, but it still doesn't change the fact that star Josh Brolin legitimately looks like Neo from The Matrix if he had a buzz cut and was performing some super modern/hipster mime act or something. 

There is one cool thing, though: The script of the title on the poster is actually Brolin's real handwriting, and is inspired by the letters his character writes to his daughter in the film. 

You can check out the poster below. The trailer is reportedly set to be released Wednesdaywe'll post that when it becomes available.

[via Indiewire]