New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has added something else to the list of things he thinks New Yorkers should stop doing: Using elevators. That's not quite true; Bloomberg simply wants New Yorkers to exercise—i.e. walkmore. The mayor announced plans for legistlation that would require buildings undergoing renovations to make it easier to travel between floors by foot. 

The proposed bill would also adorn these new stairways with glass doors to make them more attractive. Signs would also be posted near elevators to encourage people to take the stairs as well. “What we’ve got to do is just make it cool, if you will, or the norm to exercise," Bloomberg explained.

Some New Yorkers are behind Bloomberg on this one. “If you sit for seven hours in front of a computer, you need to get up and walk. It’s good for you,” said city employee Marina Pyatetski. Pyatetski works at the Municipal building, where there's a sign by the elevator reading “Burn calories, not electricity. Take the stairs.”

This new measure also has another friend in City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn.

[via New York Post]