Based on the closing minutes of the show, all of the cast members got to give a nice lil’ summary of the season and where they see their lives heading. That is, all of them except Karlie Redd. Her role was significantly downplayed throughout season two, so it’s starting to look like she won’t be back next season as an official cast member. I say this with all the love in the world: Bye, girl. Good luck doing reggae, concubine R&B, or whatever it is you’re going to sing about. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if Karlie stuck around and found some new storyline besides being the parrot who repeats everything she hears, but those be the breaks.

And since we’re on the subject, producers, the following can go, too: 

Kirk: For being terrible.

Benzino: For being almost as terrible.

Drew: For being terrible, corny, and not nearly as interesting as he thought he was.

Shay: Because I’m tired of watching her get pissed off at the world for being Lil’ Scrappy’s scraps. Get on in private and leave us alone.


As for those who deserve a bump in title and pay grade, Ariane has earned her keep so here’s hoping she gets to be seen in the opening credits.

Oh, and I heard rumors that Erica and Scrappy may be on their way out. I hope that’s a vicious lie started by hating-ass Shay. Don’t let them go. Well, at least not Erica. She has to stay. Please, Mona.

I was going to ask you all to join me in singing “End Of The Road” off key, but there’s a two-part reunion starting next week. Prepare yourselves accordingly.