Are you sick of "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" yet? Of course not. Regardless of how insane the last few seasons have been, the new extended trailer for Season 3 that dropped today makes this season look down right insane.

It premieres on May 5th but the super cut alone feels like an actual episode. To break it down:

  • It all begins with Stevie J sitting down at the piano only to be interrupted by Joseline in what looks like a really beautiful new house. What a life.
  • Mimi made a sex tape with her new boo, Nikko, which "leaked" and she has now sold to Vivid. Stevie then threatens to take their child away from her. 
  • Scrappy's mom tells her son he needs to "control his bitches," but of course Scrappy's dating multiple women again—and one of them gets pregnant.
  • Kirk gives his child with Rasheeda a paternity test on the low—and Benzino reads the results and then burns them. Rasheeda is also back in the studio, which means her and Kirk need a nanny, which leads to all sorts of expected drama.
  • Waka Flocka Flame makes his debut on the show along with his fiancée Tammy, who obviously gets into it with Joseline right away.
  • Karlie Redd seems to be dating Yung Joc. And someone else is sleeping with him "every single night." 
  • And it all ends with Benzino in the hospital with Stevie J and his new woman Althea by his side after he was shot en route to his mother's funeral.

From brawling to Benzino's hospital bedside, this season looks like viewers will really be in for a ride, and we're not just talking about the sextape.

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