With Independence Day weekend winding down, Donald Trump is here to remind you how much he hates the president. A self-produced spoof of his already farcical Celebrity Apprentice series has surfaced, and it finds him firing none other than President Obama. Of course.

The Donald reportedly laid down $100,000 to film the segment for the Republican National Convention last fall, which they later declined to show, and we completely understand why. The clip is as buffoonish as every anti-Obama antic Trump's ever pulled, featuring him dressing down an Obama stand-in who may as well be Fred Armisen, because we never actually see his face.

Donald goes on to evaluate the POTUS' first term, criticzing everything from Obamacare, the unemployment rate, and...his golf swing ("For as much as you get to play, it could be better.") "The fact is the American people want results," he says at the end. "President Obama, you're fired!" We're sure he was unbearably giddy on-set. Watch the video here, if you dare.

In related news, a third White House invasion epic, written and produced by Trump is due later this year, just in time for Oscar season.

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[via Zap2It]