Batman: Arkham Origins will ship with a multiplayer mode called Invisible Predator Online, which is being developed by the British studio Splash Damage, on October 25.

The multiplayer mode will allow players to be a part of one of three factions: The heroes, Batman and Robin, Bane's thugs which will consist of three players and three more will be Joker's elite thugs. Each game will play differently depending on which factions and elite thugs a player chooses.

As Batman and Robin multiplayer will feel like a direct extension of the campaign, the goal being to take down as many of the thugs as possible and force their retreat. Heroes will have access to their usual array of gadgets, Batarangs and detective vision, but now the thugs will be player controlled and not so likely to stand around and wait to be dropped in the dark.

Playing as either Joker or Bane's thugs you have to deal with the other faction as well as the heroes constantly swooping down on you. Thugs will also have an enhanced vision mode to detect heroes and midway in each match Bane and the Joker himself will be available for play.

In an interview with Polygon, Creative Director Alastair Cornish detailed how matches have played-out in tests.

"It's been interesting seeing people behaving like the AI," says Cornish. "We had players working through a map as a team, and the guy at the front said to his teammates, 'OK, I've got the front. You've got my back, right?' And his teammate said, 'Right. Can you see anything?' "No, I can't see anything.' And they kept walking through a corridor and the guy at the front said, 'You still got my back, right? Guys? Guys?' And just as he turned around he saw the feet of his buddy zip up into the darkness as Batman did the inverted takedown.

"All hell broke loose and he just freaked out and started running everywhere. When we saw that, we thought, that's absolutely perfect."

We can't wait to get our hands on Batman: Arkham Origins and Invisible Predator Online which drops on October 25.

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[Via Polygon]