With the Xbox One slated for release later this November, expect a slew of new launch titles for the system including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Madden NFL 25 and Killer Instinct.

For thosemaking the jump to the next generation of video gaming take a look back with us at some of the games that made the Xbox 360 such an awesome entertainment box.

Each of these games brought something really special and unique to the system and gave us some truly memorable moments. Whether it was taking down the Locust soldiers in Gears of War 3 or drawing down in a gunfight in Red Dead Redemption, these are the titles that you should already have in your collection or hunt down if they're not. It is these Xbox 360 Games You Need to Play Before Moving on to The Xbox One that will refresh your memory as to how much you enjoy playing instead of keeping track of sales numbers and gaming gossip.

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