Ubisoft is preparing film adaptations of Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon, Far Cry and its mascots, the Rabbids. This isn't the first dabble in the movie biz, if you recall the less-than-stellar Far Cry of 2008.

Variety reports Ubisoft will retain full creative control choosing its own screenwriters, directors, actors and other positions neccessary for the production of these movies. Last week during E3, Ubisoft announced it was working with Michael Bay to bring Ghost Recon to the big screen at Warner Bros.

Ubisoft Motion Picture CEO Jean-Julien Baronnet told Variety that "these are not adaptations, we will create a brand new story. Always."

There is no date set for release as these films are in very earlier stages but Ubisoft has two films currently being made: Assains's Creed starring Michael Fassbender that's set to drop in 2015 and a Splinter Cell flick with Tam Hardy and undoubtedly plenty of throat-cutting.

[via Joystiq]

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